2018 Midterms Results

The DCCC deployed Team to its field programs in all top targeted red-to-blue districts to Take Back The House in 2018.


This is the social graph of Team volunteers nationwide.

The states where Team was deployed are shaded in gradations, with the darkest blues showing the highest number of connections between volunteers and voter file targets. As you can see, we also saw relationships in states where Team was not deployed.

For ease of viewing, this is a representation scaled down to show top 500 zip codes out of 10,000.

Team is a tool for the organizer who wants to build a community of active, passionate supporters. It is a resource for the supporter who wants to take meaningful actions and conversations with their friends about the causes and candidates they care about. It enables a rapid response on social to share the amazing stories of candidates and supporters.


2018 Highlights

“We knew that this was a piece that was missing: the relational organizing piece, the built in network piece, the ability to talk friend-to-friend, the ability to empower the folks on the ground to have conversations with their neighbors. We knew that piece was missing, and then Team came along.”

- Kurt Bagley, DCCC National Field Director


Sean Casten for Congress IL - 06

  • 841 Volunteers

  • 46,661 Relational Views of Content

How do you bring a massive grassroots movement online? In Illinois’ 6th District, Sean Casten for Congress used Team to turn every supporter into a digital influencer. Casten for Congress used Team’s content sharing tools to empower hundreds of volunteers to promote the campaign’s message of a brighter, greener tomorrow on social media.

Team’s voter contact feature was also a critical part of Casten for Congress’ winning field strategy. With Team’s voter contact tools, Casten for Congress volunteers were directed to personally message their friends– carefully selected campaign targets– through text message, Facebook Messenger, and email.

On one memorable night, hundreds of volunteers joined house parties across the district because they were invited by their friends – via Team. There, attendees met the candidate via live stream and were invited to download Team. Before they even left, each one of those volunteers received a personalized greeting inside the app from a staffer. Using Team’s community features, Casten for Congress exemplified the snowflake model of community organizing, translated to our digital world. Along the way, they strengthened bonds between organizers and volunteers to drive more shifts.

Ultimately, Team empowered Casten for Congress to meet voters where they are: on social media, on their smartphones, and online.

Social Graph of IL - 06

Team Usage in IL - 06

“Average people who have a sense of decency, they're wondering what they could do to offset the worst that's coming out of communications these days. Team allows them to stand up. This is a way to scale decency.”

- Larry Grisolano, Partner at AKPD Message & Media


Susan Wild for Congress PA - 07

  • 25,328 Relational Views of Content

  • 1,254 Relational Messages Sent to Voters

A grassroots community group approached the Susan Wild for Congress staff with a request: give us a way to volunteer on Facebook. Their answer: join Team Wild. These passionate volunteers not only joined Team Wild, but they stuck around. Organizers kept them engaged with Team Chat, inviting them to in-person events and canvasses.

The staff on this campaign broke ground by constantly trying new strategies in what they asked volunteers to do, and how they framed it. By paying close attention to the metrics displayed in Team Dashboard, staffers were able to discover what kind of content excited their volunteers– motivating them to share more of Susan Wild’s message on social media. The Wild campaign sent a new piece of content out to their volunteers every other day. Their messaging was issue-focused, so that each volunteer could find messages that resonated with them to share in their personal social networks.

This campaign’s ability to test, assess, and iterate empowered them to innovate, ultimately making their volunteers some of the most engaged in the country.

Social Graph PA - 07

Team Usage in PA - 07

“Team is really filling a hole by saying "how can I support an organizer's desire to scale the relationship building that they're doing?" I think it's really critical. We're seeing it happen. We're seeing the success of people using it all over the country.”

- Jeremy Bird, President + Co-Founder at 270 Strategies


AFSCME Minnesota

  • 1,748 Relational Messages Sent to Members

The union analogy for relational organizing is, simply, member-to-member communication. AFSCME Minnesota jumped at the opportunity to meet their members online by integrating Team into their 2018 strategy.

As a starting point, AFSCME organizers remade a Team volunteer recruitment video featuring union members. It wasn’t fancy; it was funny and honest. They also recruited members to Team from locals and statewide delegate meetings.

A diversity of tasks was a key feature of AFSCME’s strategy; AFSCME organizers excelled with creative content sharing tasks such as prompting nurses to sharing content about healthcare on Facebook. That’s content that motivates an audience. In term of conversation tasks, organizers balanced political outreach with a healthy dose of internal-union building and legislative discussions. When there was a big legislative rollout, AFSCME organizers prompted members to contact friends and then specific council members. They included conversation tasks with content tasks to keep folks engaged but not overwhelmed.

AFSCME Minnesota’s use of Team mimics the variety of outreach techniques union members have been using to organize in Minnesota for over 30 years. Most importantly, AFSCME Minnesota used Team to strengthen deep relationships and expand their member network in powerful new ways.

Social Graph MN

Team Usage in MN

Team Usage by Zipcode MN

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Thank You

Team is an innovative relational organizing tool that became a core component of strategy for several key partners. We have a lot of people to thank for that success. First, thank you to the field and digital leadership at the DCCC. You approached us in November 2017 with the dream of conducting relational voter contact online; we couldn’t be more proud to have partnered with you to deploy Team in more than four dozen targeted, red-to-blue Congressional districts. We’re also grateful to the DNC for its commitment to experimentation. Thank you to the campaign managers and program directors who made Team an integral part of your plan; the risk has been handsomely rewarded. Thank you to Higher Ground Labs and the other visionary investors who made this possible. Finally, thank you to the volunteers who used Team to talk to their friends and communities about voting. We’re just getting started

Thank you,

- Team Tuesday

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