We are no longer passive consumers of prepackaged content – instead, we are active members of diverse digital communities, seeking personal connections with the people and causes we care about most.

Digital political advertising has grown tenfold since 2006, reaching $1.25 billion in 2016, yet this explosion in online spending has failed to produce a corresponding increase in voter turnout, as most political advertisers still operate on a 20th century engagement model.

When thinking of political engagement today, we need to take the best practices of grassroots field organizing and bring them online. Imagine facilitating friend-to-friend conversations with voters about issues that matter most to them, and enabling that contact on platforms they’re already on – like social media, text messaging, email –  from the personal accounts of friends they know and trust.

That’s where we come in: at The Tuesday Company, we have developed software that enables digital field organizing in order to dramatically increase civic engagement.