The Team Behind Team

We are political strategists and technologists, storytellers and social entrepreneurs, committed to rethinking voter contact across America and improving the volunteer experience for our nation's leading progressive causes and campaigns.

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Michael Luciani

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Michael is an organizer who excels at developing relationships. As a staffer on the Clinton Campaign in Michigan, Michael built and managed a volunteer organization that was 1,000% larger than the campaign’s stated goals. A passionate advocate for mental health and drug policy issues, Michael previously served at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. While earning his BA in Political Science from Williams College, Michael rowed on the crew team, learned Chinese at Fudan University, and became ordained as a Buddhist monk in India.

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Shola Farber

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Shola is a DC-based social entrepreneur whose career has spanned the public and private spheres. After earning her MA in Public Policy and International Law, Shola worked as a communications consultant in Paris. She then dove into policy with the Obama Administration’s National Economic Council. Following her stint at the White House, Shola spent 18 months working on business and strategy at POLITICO. Shola served as a Regional Director for the Clinton Campaign in Michigan, and then spent more than a year as a location-independent nomad in order to launch this business. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Shola is a people person who finds great satisfaction in fitting all the puzzle pieces of running a company together.

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Charlie Austin

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Charlie is a world-class software engineer with a passion for using technology to improve the lives of ordinary people. He has put his professional skills to use in the finance, retail, travel, advertising and educational industries as both an in-house developer and a consultant. While he has taught himself to code in many languages, Charlie is also learning to speak Korean and Arabic. A native Texan, Charlie served in the U.S. Marine Corps and earned his BS in Applied Mathematics with Honors from the University of Chicago.

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Jordan Birnholtz

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Jordan combines his background in building early-stage startups with his passion for civic engagement. While earning an MS in Information Economics at the University of Michigan, Jordan worked at a venture capital firm where he specialized in digital security and infrastructure. After graduating, he started PawnGuru, a venture-backed startup that serves America's 30M underbanked consumers with over 400K users nationwide.


Conor Anstett

Product Manager

Conor is a native Michigander who studied Economics at the University of Michigan. He started his career in analytics and tech, first in DC, then San Francisco. After spending most his free time in SF organizing folks fighting racism, he decided it was time to combine his professional and activist life. So he joined the Tuesday Company with the goal of using his experience to help elect progressive leaders. Conor always has a song stuck in his head (that he tries not to sing), loves to read non-fiction (that he tries not to ramble on about), and travel (and he tries not to talk too much about his summer in Europe in 2018).


Yacine Benzine

Senior Software Engineer

Yacine was drawn to tech, math, and science at a very young age because of his eagerness to learn and solve problems, however they presented themselves. Spending the better part of his childhood in Ethiopia allowed for plenty of exposure to nature and the international community. His upbringing also fostered a profound appreciation for friendship, unity, and kindness. Yacine holds a B.S. in Business Management with a minor in Math, though he found his way to software development after learning to fix and build computers. When out of the office, you can find Yacine volunteering at foster dog adoption events, learning to kiteboard, or running around a soccer field desperately trying to keep up with the younger generation.


Josh Buoy

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Josh is a filmmaker and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY. Jointly serving as Executive Producer at Snowday, a creative + production studio, and Creative Director at The Tuesday Company, his lifework is situated at the intersection of impact and storytelling. Josh believe that people and stories are precious, but is otherwise a pragmatic, process-oriented thinker. A proud alum of the University of Michigan, he received his BA in Organizational Studies and is infinitely curious about how our systems can be better built to serve all of humankind. As a queer storyteller with Midwestern + Christian roots, Josh strives for his art to reflect the intersectionality of our identities, holding up empathy and tolerance among our most prized, aspirational values.


Tait Foster

Director of Product

Tait’s career began in local politics in lower Brooklyn and included stops in both Washingtons (DC with the House of Representatives and WA state working to elect Jay Inslee governor in 2012), as well as back in NYC with the EastWest Institute working in international diplomacy. He brought a love of problem solving and developing systems and processes to product jobs at Bloomberg and New York magazine where he worked on initiatives ranging from editorial experiences, propensity modeling, paywalls, ad products, and data integrations into editorial tools. A native of New York City, he holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MA in International Conflict Studies from King’s College London. He is an avid reader and eater, but only a passable cook.


Anna Galati

Director of Operations

Anna has a knack for analyzing and re-building complex systems and organizations so they can operate at their best. After launching her career in investment banking at BNP Paribas, Anna was a senior strategist at GLG, the world’s largest marketplace for B2B insights and expertise, where she helped redesign client outreach tools and establish the first Customer Success team. Following nearly a decade in New York City, Anna is delighted to return to Washington D.C. and support The Tuesday Company in its next phase of growth. When not at work, Anna loves pretending to be a tourist, exploring the great outdoors, and caring for her family of plants (mostly alive).


Jenny Hui

Senior Software Engineer

Jenny thrives on challenges and problem solving. She has a passion for using technology to solve some of the world’s most important problems. After working on the 2018 San Francisco mayoral campaign and helping to elect the city’s first African American woman mayor, London Breed, she recognizes some of the problems in the campaigning process and wants to do everything she can to make those processes better. She decided to quit her job at a big consulting firm to work in civic technology. Jenny is a part-time yoga instructor who enjoys cooking and painting portraits of public figures.

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Danielle Kassab

Client Success Associate

Danielle is a field operative and proud Michigander, where she most recently worked as the one-woman-field-team in a competitive congressional primary win. While working toward her BPA at Wayne State University in Detroit, she served as a Fellow on the 2016 Michigan Coordinated Campaign. Danielle hopes to contribute to the solutions of our country’s pressing healthcare issues with the next generation of political leadership. It is this passion for policy that motivates Danielle to support clients with The Tuesday Company's cutting-edge voter contact tools.


Deema Tabbara Lopez

Director of Partnerships

Deema started her career in Arizona as an organizer on campus leading issues like income inequality and education. After graduating, she went on to work on the 2008 presidential election and several other political campaigns after that. She then moved on to push health care policy as an associate at a non-profit in New Mexico. For the past ten years she worked for SEIU Local 1000. Starting as a political organizer, she moved on to manage a statewide team and run their political program in California. She led electoral, issue and grassroots lobbying efforts statewide, and managed the local's VAN and PDI systems. In her free time, she's learned to successfully leverage social media to grow her Interior Design blog.


Patrick Miller

Director of Partnerships

Patrick is passionate about empowering people to achieve their ambitions through technology. He first moved to Washington, DC to work for the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee. After several years of working in economic research, he pursued his interest in technology through an opportunity with Oracle Corporation. Working exclusively with public-sector clients at Oracle allowed him witness the positive impact that technology can have on improving the role of government and the lives of its citizens.

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Harsh Modi

Software Engineer

A tech enthusiast and a lifelong learner, Harsh is inclined to use his experience and knowledge towards causes he believes in. Harsh's father inspired him to become a computer scientist and his family support his efforts to study Information Technology in his native India. Prior to joining The Tuesday Company, Harsh earned his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Houston. Other than programming languages, Harsh is a native English, Hindi, and Gujarati speaker. In addition to engineering software, Harsh enjoys science, exploring new places, watching cricket and drinking Chai tea.

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Ananya Panda

Senior Client Success Manager

Ananya got her start in progressive politics through organizing in reproductive justice and healthcare access in college. After earning her BS in Public Management and Policy at the University of Arizona, she went on to join the Data and Analytics team at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Since then, Ananya has worked on campaigns in Arizona, Virginia, and California, and most recently comes from Catalist, where she worked in Client Services to make data and technology accessible to marginalized communities.


Ella Presher

Partnerships & Training Sr. Associate

Ella’s interest in policy and politics was first sparked by her experience working with artists and community leaders on Chicago’s South and West Sides. A native of San Francisco, she joins The Tuesday Company with a background in teaching and political messaging. In her most recent work at the National Democratic Training Committee, Ella developed content for an online academy that trains Democrats to run for office. A graduate of the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics, Ella loves playing soccer, going to the ballet, and practicing her Italian.

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Amber Rucker

Interaction Designer

Amber is a connoisseur of everything user facing: UX research and design, user testing and front-end development. She’s spent her career learning about the web and it’s users to create organized, efficient and testable products. As a Texas transplant she considers tacos a passion and hobby. When not standing in front of a laptop or whiteboard she is traveling to anywhere with a beach.


Harry Stephens

UI/UX Designer

Growing up breaking his legs frequently, Harry spent a lot of time inside; reading, playing with legos, and taking things apart. These interests led him to the Savannah College of Art and Design where he obtained a degree in Industrial Design with a focus on product research and innovation. He has a fixation on facets of life that we walk past every day without admiring such as; pigeons, public transportation, and the USPS.

Tianne Yu

Product Testing

Tianne began her career as a QA Tester at a taxi booking app in Cebu City, Philippines. She graduated from the University of San Jose - Recoletos with BS Information Technology major in Mobile Applications and Android Development. A recent transplant from the tropics to NYC, Tianne has a thirst for traveling, dipping her toes into new cultures, and making memories of a life well lived. In her free time, Tianne does photography and is attempting to recreate her version of Filipino cuisine.


Steven Soto

Operations Manager

Steven wants to civically engage young people to build a democratic and progressive future. After earning his BA in Public Policy from Duke University, Steven became a Venture for America Fellow to learn how entrepreneurship can catalyze social good. He cares about using purposeful technology and empathetic design to strengthen democracies at home and around the globe. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Steven has lived in Oxford, England; Cape Town, South Africa; Durham, North Carolina; and Atlanta, Georgia. Steven collects passport stamps, once swam with hungry sharks, and is known to wear denim on denim.


Rabiya Watson-Maiorana

Software Engineer

Rabiya found her métier as a full-stack software developer by merging her love of puzzles with skills honed working in urban architecture, design, and development of affordable housing in New York City. She finds joy in developing apps that are visually beautiful and elegantly coded. A native New Yorker, Rabiya's interest in group dynamics led her to earn a degree in social psychology from Pomona College. She has a deep-seated love of politics, animals, and films of all sorts - foreign, Indies, and blockbusters alike. Rabiya is proud to be a technologist advancing equal protection and representation for her fellow citizens.