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Michael Luciani

Chief Executive Officer

Michael is an organizer who excels at developing relationships. As a staffer on the Clinton Campaign in Michigan, Michael built and managed a volunteer organization that was 1,000% larger than the campaign’s stated goals. A passionate advocate for mental health and drug policy issues, Michael previously served at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. While earning his BA in Political Science from Williams College, Michael rowed on the crew team, learned Chinese at Fudan University, and became ordained as a Buddhist monk in India.

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Chief Operating Officer

Shola is a DC-based social entrepreneur whose career has spanned the public and private spheres. After earning her MA in Public Policy and International Law, Shola worked as a communications consultant in Paris. She then dove into policy with the Obama Administration’s National Economic Council. Following her stint at the White House, Shola spent 18 months working on business and strategy at POLITICO. Shola served as a Regional Director for the Clinton Campaign in Michigan, and then spent more than a year as a location-independent nomad in order to launch this business. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Shola is a people person who finds great satisfaction in fitting all the puzzle pieces of running our company together.

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Charlie Austin

chief Technology Officer

Charlie is a world-class software engineer with a passion for using technology to improve the lives of ordinary people. He has put his professional skills to use in the finance, retail, travel, advertising and educational industries as both an in-house developer and a consultant. While he has taught himself to code in many languages, Charlie is also learning to speak Korean and Arabic. A native Texan, Charlie served in the U.S. Marine Corps and earned his BS in Applied Mathematics with Honors from the University of Chicago.

Jordan Birnholtz©Tanya-Malott.jpg


chief Product Officer

Jordan combines his background in building early-stage startups with his passion for civic engagement. While earning an MS in Information Economics at the University of Michigan, Jordan worked at a venture capital firm where he specialized in digital security and infrastructure. After graduating, he started PawnGuru, a venture-backed startup that serves America's 30M underbanked consumers with over 400K users nationwide.


Ananya panda

Client Success Manager

Ananya got her start in progressive politics through organizing in reproductive justice and healthcare access in college. After earning her BS in Public Management and Policy at the University of Arizona, she went on to join the Data and Analytics team at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Since then, Ananya has worked on campaigns in Arizona, Virginia, and California, and most recently comes from Catalist, where she worked in Client Services to make data and technology accessible to marginalized communities. 

Harsh Modi

Harsh modi

Software Engineer

A tech enthusiast and a lifelong learner, Harsh is inclined to use his experience and knowledge towards causes he believes in. Harsh's father inspired him to become a computer scientist and his family support his efforts to study Information Technology in his native India. Prior to joining The Tuesday Company, Harsh earned his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Houston. Other than programming languages, Harsh is a native English, Hindi, and Gujarati speaker. In addition to engineering software, Harsh enjoys science, exploring new places, watching cricket and drinking Chai tea.

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Rabiya watson-maiorana

Rabiya Watson-Maiorana

Software Engineer

Rabiya found her métier as a full-stack software developer by merging her love of puzzles with skills honed working in urban architecture, design, and development of affordable housing in New York City. She finds joy in developing apps that are visually beautiful and elegantly coded. A native New Yorker, Rabiya's interest in group dynamics led her to earn a degree in social psychology from Pomona College. She has a deep-seated love of politics, animals, and films of all sorts - foreign, Indies, and blockbusters alike. Rabiya is proud to be a technologist advancing equal protection and representation for her fellow citizens.

Abi Hunter Headshot

Abi hunter

software engineering intern

Abi found her way to software development through her passion for mathematics and analytical thinking. She took this interest further than designing static websites when she started teaching herself Python in 2016. She is a current undergraduate in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Chicago, but is spending her year abroad in London. She will be beginning studies as part of a joint MS program in computer science this autumn. Abi speaks fluent French, and is learning Mandarin, Hebrew, and Icelandic. When she’s not studying or coding, she loves to take photographs, read fiction, and run along London's Regent’s Canal. 

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Josh Buoy

creative Director

Josh is a filmmaker and storyteller who believes in the power of video to add real value to brands, organizations, and campaigns. As the Executive Producer of Snowday Studio in Brooklyn, NY, Josh has led the development of national video ads and campaigns for some of the largest universities and technology companies in the world. While earning his BA at the University of Michigan, Josh developed burgeoning interests in choral conducting, piano playing, and dessert baking.