Team is an app that empowers campaigns to expand voter contact by activating the social networks of their volunteers.

Team harnesses the power of digital for relational organizing.

1) amplify your message

Team fights fake news by ensuring your digital content reaches constituents, especially those whom you struggle to contact through traditional canvassing methods. The app prompts volunteers to push campaign-provided content via their personal social media accounts. Campaign messages are viewed organically and with the important aspect of social trust, throughout your volunteers digital communities. Use this organic engagement data to learn what messaging resonates and to make your digital ad buys more targeted and effective.

2) digital field organizing

Team's relational organizing offers an asymmetrical advantage: direct voter contact with the highest degree of personal trust.  Campaign staff can direct friend-to-friend outreach via text, email, Facebook messenger, and phone calls, all straight from the personal accounts of volunteers. Volunteers are prompted to input the results of their conversations, and all data is returned directly to the voter file. Our approach to voter engagement makes supporting your field program easy; anyone can become your digital volunteer with 1-2 minutes per day on Team.

3) Generate new data

Team monitors engagement with all digital content on the Facebook walls of your volunteers. We use this data to share with you the complex portrait of who your voters are, what they care about, and how they are connected to each other. Team improves your target universe by enriching voter contact info with data collected from volunteers’ social media profiles and phone contacts. We are fully integrated with VAN, making data management effortless.


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