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Team is an app that allows campaigns and causes to turn their supporters into trackable, manageable digital volunteers



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Volunteers receive all campaign-related tasks through a free-to-download app available on both iOS and Android. Additionally, upon licensing access to the software, staffers are provided login credentials to their own Team Dashboard so they can track and manage their digital volunteers.

With Team, we're revolutionizing the volunteer experience in three key ways:

1) Message Amplification

Team allows volunteers to share campaign content on Facebook -- videos, photos, etc. By sharing this content, volunteers help campaign messaging reach more voters, getting critical relational views data to inform digital decisions.

2) Relational Voter Contact

Team enables friend-to-friend messaging by identifying voters in volunteers’ personal networks for them to contact, via text, email, phone, or Facebook Messenger.

3) Accountability

Team is built for how campaigns actually manage staff and volunteers. Easily accessible metrics allows campaigns to seamlessly integrate Team into their field programs, and Team’s chat feature creates a direct line of communication between organizers and their vols.

Volunteer Recruitment Video

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